Weatherby - The Man, The Gun, The Legend (Limited Edition)

Weatherby - The Man, The Gun, The Legend (Limited Edition)

By Grits Gresham and Tom Gresham
Signed by Tom Gresham

From Tom Gresham: Working on the Weatherby book was a dream. I was able to work with my father, who was a great writer. I created the whole book on the then-new technology of desktop publishing, we were able to work with the great folks at the Weatherby company (who provided many boxes of private material for our use), and we got inside the head of a most amazing icon of the gun world -- Roy Weatherby.

Roy was a marketing genius, but he also understood rifles and ballistics. Today it's more difficult to understand the impact of the Weatherby magnum cartridges, but they were far ahead of the standard cartridges of the time. Though it is accepted now, when Roy promoted the benefits of high velocity back then, you would have thought he was preaching satanic worship. Such was the reaction by many. He proved to be right, of course, but the story of how he changed the firearms industry, and the minds of hunters, is pivotal in the firearms history.

When we printed the first batch of books, we decided to have a small number created as a limited edition -- leather bound, gilt edges . . . the whole deal. We sold some, but stuck some back for later use. Well, as things happen, they got shoved back behind other stuff and sat there for almost two decades. After Dad died in 2008, and we recently moved, I found three boxes of them. It's time to let them go. I've signed each one of them.

You don't have to own a Weatherby rifle to appreciate this story, or to want a collectible copy. If you are a Weatherby fan, though, you'll definitely want one.



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