Tiger Mckee Pack: 1911 DVD and Book of Two Guns

Tiger Mckee Pack: 1911 DVD and Book of Two Guns

Save almost $10 when you buy the Tiger Mckee Pack, featuring The Book of Two Guns and the Fighting with the 1911 DVD together.

The Book of Two Guns
Handwritten and handillustrated by Tiger McKee
Foreward by Clint Smith

From Shootrite.org: "The Book of Two Guns is a collection of material gathered during ten years of intensive firearms training, both as student and instructor. The focus of the book is the 1911 pistol and the AR carbine, although a majority of the techniques included will work with any type weapon. The Book of Two Guns covers the mental aspects of fighting with firearms as well as the physical techniques. The “book” began life as a training diary, a record of one man’s Musha-Shugyo, or training pilgrimage, and so was handwritten and illustrated. The result is a work of art and a valuable training reference for the ultimate martial art - fighting with firearms. Tiger Mckee is Director of Shootrite Firearms Academy (est. 1995)"

Soft cover, 172 pages

GunTalk Presents: Fighting with the 1911 with Tiger McKee DVD Fighting with the 1911 with Tiger Mckee offers defensive training with America's most popular pistol. The 1911 is considered by many to be the best fighting handgun ever made. Learn gun fighting skills from Tiger McKee, one of America's top trainers, featuring America's classic fighting pistol.

Tiger McKee is the founder and director at Shootrite Firearms Academy, author of "The Book of Two Guns" and featured on numerous national self-defense television shows.

Tiger will guide you through: Fighting Stance and Draw * Tactical Reloads * Malfunction Drills * Moving and Shooting * Holsters and Magazines * And more, including bonus videos with XS Sight Systems!

Run Time: 86 minutes
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