Grits on Guns (Standard Edition)

Grits on Guns (Standard Edition)

By Grits Gresham

From Tom Gresham: This is the first book I worked on with Dad. We selected several dozen of the articles he had written about guns, ammo, and shooting, updated them (remember that this book was published in 1987), and I published it as 'Grits On Guns.'

Grits was the face of the American Sportsman, both on the TV show of that name on ABC television, and around the world. He was shooting editor of Sports Afield more than a quarter century, but he may have been even better known as one of those crazy athletes on the Miller Lite "Taste Great -- Less Filling" commercial campaign.

The information in this book is timeless, from understanding chokes, to the need for good bullets, to the profiles of fascinating 'gun people' such as Roy Weatherby, Bill Jordan, and Bill Ruger. Dad wrote the way he talked, and when you read these stories, it's like sitting in hunting camp and listening to him talk about the people and guns he has known.

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